Our technology

EMotive Scarab vehicle

The EMotive vehicle has been developed using a holistic approach, to produce a universal chassis, capable of delivering exceptional off-highway performance for multiple applications.

With a focus on user needs, sustainability, environmental impact and through life cost, we believe that the EMotive vehicle is set to make a huge impact in the global transition to zero emission vehicles in the off-highway sector

our architecture

The EMotive Scarab vehicle has been designed to provide a high performing off highway vehicle, capable of zero emission, whilst providing future proof features, such as fuel agnostic on-board power generation and remote or autonomous control

On-board power options

The pure electric propulsion system can be used as battery only or supplemented by current or future power generation technology

High voltage lithium battery pack can be supplemented by the following optional power sources:

ICE – Hydrogen 

ICE – Bio Methane 


Natural Gas ICE  

Fuel Cell

Low Emission Diesel 

‘Future Fuels’ 

Additional HV Battery 

driveline options

The EMotive Scarab vehicle has been designed to accommodate two different driveline options. This allows the user to select the most suitable options to meet their performance requirements. Both options allow zero emission operations

In-board driveline

A more conventional driveline, offering a more affordable solution 

Electric drive, capable of both low and zero emissions operation 

High performance and mobility 

Significantly reduced moving parts compared to a conventional ICE driveline

In-wheel driveline 

Unrivalled traction, torque and manoeuvrability via EMotive’s innovative eTraxle hub, allowing individual wheel control 

In-wheel removes all moving parts of a traditional driveline Lower maintenance costs and high operating economy 

Reduced vehicle component mass, resulting in higher payload